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A powerful laboratory information management system (LIMS) for tracking and scheduling utilized by product development, engineering, and validation labs.

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Take your labs into the future with a LIMS system that will help keep you organized and make scheduling simple and intuitive.

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Your lab is ready for the future of LIMS with our intuitive software that will control and propel you into an era of innovation. 25 years worth of product evolution await!

QATrax LIMS Software Suite

QATrax is a suite of software tools to help labs systematically implement best practices and comply with ISO 17025.

QATrax Features

Management Dashboards

Lab Management can quickly understand KPIs using dashboard displays. QATrax LIMS interacts with powerful business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI. Organizations can use SQL to build their own dashboards without limits. Organizations who want dashboards but don't have the expertise may work with TraxStar's team for the development of tailored dashboards.

Metrics & Reports

With the QATrax Management Reports, lab teams collaborate more effectively on test requests with enhanced process visibility. With unlimited inquiry into processes, all behind your firewall, will help users track request from draft to complete and all steps in between. Organized reports include Test Workstation Gantt, DVPR, Evidence of Test and many more. Export web-based reports to Excel.

Resource & Workflow Scheduling

QATrax Scheduling is the most comprehensive workflow and resource management system. It takes into account all of complexities associated with running a laboratory, such as work stations, work method profiles and operator certifications. The system accounts for equipment calibrations as well as sequence planning to minimize mistakes. Auto scheduling smart logic is the engine that finds the first availability in the calendar, automatically.

Work Requesting

Work Request's journey begins with the Web Requestor, an application that allows users to create, manage, and submit work requests. Engineers use the Web Requestor to create test plans, submit artifacts, communicate with lab staff, monitor tests and their results.


Extend the QATrax package functionality to meet more specific business needs to provide more flexibility. Labs benefit from customization and integrations receiving tailored solutions. Automation of data flows can greatly enhance productivity and reduce errors.

Report Builder

With QATrax Final Report Builder, Engineering Labs get a break. Creating reports is time-consuming for engineering labs. TraxStar's Report Builder is a tool that extracts information from QATrax and inserts it into prepared Word or Excel templates. Automatically. No more copy and pasting of all the data.

QATrax software showing a image of the equipment calibrations.

Equipment Calibrations

Calibration, equipment location, scheduling, and maintenance are all integrated into one package. Automated email notification for calibration and maintenance of equipment. Equipment management, in accordance with ISO 17025, is simple.

Configuration Manager

QATrax Configuration Manager allows users to create unit templates that are used for managing the configuration of components throughout their lifetime. Unit managers gain access to not only units under test but also inventory, exportability, and versioning features all designed with one purpose: more control!

Barcode Scanning

QATrax Operator Toolkit increases ease of use for Test Operators. Users can scan test units with Bluetooth scanning Devices (or just key it in) and quickly change the status of work orders. Communication is streamlined for operators with work order notes and attachments.


Businesses with globally disbursed users run in more than one language and can take advantage of internationalization. Applications can be configured for multi-language support in Spanish, German, and Chinese.

QATrax software showing a image of the multi-language feature.

Help Portal

QATrax's help portal is a wealth of information, including action-based documentation and role based user guides. It displays what's new with QATrax as well as explains how to request services or schedule an appointment for administration within the TraxStar ecosystem. Learn at your own pace thanks to this site!  

Document Management

With document management, you are able to store, review and approve important documents for ISO 17025 Compliance. Help manage revision process by keeping historical records for audits with the right permissions in place, all without disrupting your lab workflow!

A image of a document management system with a man on a computer.



Our entry level plan. A single lab plan with support and access to all essential QATrax software.
Single Lab
  • Requesting
  • Scheduling
  • Metrics
  • Help Portal
  • Document Management
  • Scanning


Support and configuration for multiple enterprise branches. TraxStar helps you easily scale and add more labs at any time.
Multiple Regional Labs
  • Everything from Pro Plan
  • Configuration Manager
  • Management Dashboard
  • Bulk Equipment Calibration Updater


Full enterprise support. You can add as many labs as necessary and up to 250 concurrent licenses.
Unlimited Labs Globally
  • Everything From Pro & Continental Plans
  • Open API

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    Hollie - Electronics Team Leader, Carlisle

    “Customers are very happy with the visibility they have with the Web based Manager Reports. I'm not aware of any similar Lab Management system quite like QATrax.”

    Jerry - Electronics Technical Manager, GE
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